Services & Benefits

Wellness is Everything

At Graceful Living, we believe that everything about assisted living revolves around creating an atmosphere of wellness for our residents. Wellness is a broad term that can be applied to a wide range of topics and services, but it boils down to a simple and straightforward philosophy: in all situations, the health and happiness of our residents is our primary concern.

To create an atmosphere of wellness, our services maintain and provide:

  • A Safe and pleasant environment

  • Committed and knowledgeable caregivers

  • Healthy, natural, and delicious food

  • Fun activities that bolster memory and cognition

  • Adequate and enjoyable physical exercise


In addition to our ongoing commitment to the wellness of our residents, a more comprehensive list of our services and their specific benefits is laid out below:


  • All medication is centrally stored and locked

  • Oral medications are monitored, double checked, and administered

  • Injections are administered by documented professionals

  • We can phone in and pick all pharmacy orders

Health Care

  • Visiting Nurses can provide on-site care for patients

  • A physical therapist can be on-site if ordered by physician.

  • Our podiatrist services provide comprehensive foot care

  • ‚ÄčOur transportation services include accompaniment to doctor appointments

  • Hospice care available on-site. No need to leave the comfort of their home


  • Special diets are always accommodated (low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar, liquids, and more)

  • Each resident has an Individualized meal plan

  • Our in-house room service means meal times can be flexible



  • Laundry service and laundry supplies*

  • Dry cleaning for special wardrobe items

  • Fresh linens

  • Room cleaning, upkeep, and maintenance

  • All residents can enjoy cable television and private telephones

Assisted Living

  • 24 hour staffing, ensuring safety and security

  • Meal assistance, ensuring proper nutrition and caloric intake

  • Bathing, hygiene, grooming, and wardrobe assistance

  • Provision of all necessary grooming and bathing supplies*

  • Transportation to and from the facility

  • Quick and efficient incontinence care*


Special Memory Care

In an effort to provide for residents who have special memory needs, we have implemented several layers of additional care and safety:

  • All exits are monitored and emergency exits are equipped with alarms

  • All our rooms are equipped with a signal device system

  • The backyard is fully secured and isolated

  • All residents are invited to join our fun memory exercise programs

  • Caregivers are highly trained in dementia management

  • All staff members are trained to gently reassure and remind whenever necessary

  • All staff members undergo continuing education on memory management

In addition, when we build individualized activity plans for our residents that require special memory care, we always try to incorporate tasks and objects that are familiar – former hobbies, professions, and pastimes are included wherever possible.

What is Hospice Care

Contrary to popular usage, “hospice” isn’t necessarily a type of facility or a branch of medicine; hospice is a caregiving philosophy. A hospice facility, like Graceful Living, is dedicated to providing the highest level of comfort and best possible quality of life for individuals facing severe impairments or who require palliative care. By offering a soothing environment, personal attention, and genuine concern over the health and well-being of our patients, the Graceful Living facility is a perfect realization of hospice caregiving philosophy.

*Included in the basic rate | **All meals and snacks are included in the basic rate