In the interest of providing an environment that is both engaging and fun, Graceful Living proudly hosts a wide assortment of activities that our residents can participate in and enjoy together. Based on the care plans of our current residents, we always try to build events and activities that are inclusive, allowing as many residents as possible to join in – sometimes family members are even invited!

Some of our favorite activities include:

  • Game Night

  • Exercising

  • Live Entertainment

  • Birthday Parties

  • Bingo

  • Customized Activities based on each resident and their capabilities, likes and dislikes

WORLD FLAVOR NIGHT – we know our residents are often unable to travel as often as they used to, so we bring the world to them! Everyone gets a vote on our “country of the night,” and then our staff sets about recreating the traditional settings of that culture right here in our facility. We might string decorations up in the living room or add a special dash of flavor to the evening meal (while ensuring that all special dietary needs remain in place), and afterward we might enjoy a movie or a bit of music from our chosen nation.

LET’S STAY IN TOUCH – Moving into an assisting living facility sometimes also means losing touch with family and old friends. Not at Graceful Living! Our staff regularly sets aside time to help our residents keep in touch with their neighbors, relatives, and lifelong friends. We assist our residents in maintaining a current mailing list of important people, and help them write and mail postcards to their loved ones.

BEAUTY DAY – Back in the old days, it seems like everyone had Mary-Kay lady that would come and visit, bringing a selection of goodies we could use to pamper ourselves. We can do the same thing here in our care center! By bringing in a cosmetic specialist, our residents might enjoy a makeover, a pedicure, or a nice shoulder massage. Then top it off with a bag of gifts for everyone that could include hand lotion, herbal shampoo, or perfumes for special occasions (special dermatological requirements are always considered).

MY SECRET RECIPE – Once a month we celebrate one of our residents by recreating one of their famous recipes. Our kitchen staff can help fill in the details, and we might even ask family members about secret ingredients. All our residents are then invited to join in to assist in the cooking process – there’s a job for everyone – and then we sit down to enjoy our delicious dinner.

These are just a few of our favorite activities, and we’re always looking for more. If you or your loved ones have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them!